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Not all those who wander are lost, but sometimes those who wander just need to know where to start.

Hiking to a breathtaking view, hitting the bullseye at a shooting range—no matter how many times you do it, these experiences never get old. What’s even better is having someone alongside you enjoying every moment of it. That’s the spirit of American Trailhead: making connections by doing what we love. Whether you’ve just started or are years into your journey, American Trailhead welcomes you. We are an outdoor sports equipment and firearms retailer that offers affordable and elite gear. When you shop with American Trailhead, you’re shopping with a hospitable and educated team focused on pairing every customer with the right selection. You’ll have opportunities to ask every question, have your concerns heard, and walk away with the product that best fits your needs.



Stories from the world of outdoor and shooting sports, insight from the industry’s experts, and the latest updates from American Trailhead—you’ll find it all at the fireside. Settle in and come hear commentary and wisdom that could shape and enhance your next adventure.


Take part in something special. Base Camp is where you can learn about upcoming events, find your parks, discover the best gear for your next trip, and get the resources needed for enjoying life outside. Prepare for your next hike, camping trip, and more with American Trailhead.

Community, Character, and Customer Satisfaction

What matters to us at American Trailhead is the relationships we form by doing what we do. What that means for you is that we want you to end up with the right gear that meets your goals and budget. American Trailhead is a place where beginners can ask any question without feeling embarrassed and where well-versed vets can have conversations with likeminded folks. In addition to our values including respect, dignity, and integrity, we partner with the nation’s top recommended manufacturers to supply our customers with the industry’s preferred gear and equipment. Our inventory is made by great people, comes at an affordable price, and is put in the right hands so everyone in the community can enjoy and get the most out of this incredible world we all love and appreciate.

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Reach Out to American Trailhead

You’re at the trailhead. It’s time to start your journey.

    Finding gear or firearm that’s perfect for you and your family is a process. To learn more or start the conversation, We’re looking forward to hearing from you and being a part of your journey.

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