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American Trailhead was founded on the values of dignity and respect for all people. This includes our customers, employees, vendors, and the community at large. We continually engage organizations with shared principles that are making a real impact in critical areas affecting our society and our way of life. We are passionate supporters of our Constitutional Republic and those who serve our country. Our focus areas include personal safety, firearms safety, mental health, suicide prevention, and helping those in need. We are strong supporters of our Military, Law Enforcement, and other First Responders including our K9 Heroes. American Trailhead actively engages charities and non-profits as well as private and public organizations working in these areas.

American Trailhead represents our partners at events facilitated by our company, our industry, or other charitable organizations. We contribute to and coordinate, joint booth/show strategies, email marketing, social media, website content and blogs before, during and after the event. We can come to your organization’s events to share a presentation on this important community work about personal safety, firearms safety, mental health and suicide prevention.


All charities are only enabled by generous donors, sponsors, volunteers and coordination with others in their ecosystem.


Please consider joining American Trailhead in supporting these great charities and their various in-person and online events.

To help any of our Community Partners, simply click their name or logo to be directed to their donation or assistance pages.


  • UMC Mission: Ensure Veterans of all ages, branches, and lifestyles receive the care and support necessary to live their best life! We provide the tools and resources to empower our veterans to live a safe, healthy, productive life through one-on-one relationships backed by a dedicated team of professionals. We utilize three well-proven, wrap-around case management methods, Battle Buddy 4 Life, Veteran Strong, and our Emergency Response Team.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: We are passionate about UMC, its team, and their mission. Their heart, commitment, talent, and character come through in everything they do. They have countless strong connections across Georgia that enable them to deliver for our veterans and their families. Their valuable relationships span private, public, non-profit, and military spaces. They have been a powerful supporter of American Trailhead and “Hold My Guns”.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with UMC:
    • Benefit veterans and their families with Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and resources for getting into the great outdoors
    • Personal Safety & Education
    • Firearms Storage & Shooting Sports Opportunities
    • Resources in times of Personal Need or Crisis
    • Hold My Guns & QPR Gatekeeper
  • HMG Mission: Working together within the firearms community, combined with appropriate community partner alliances, we will raise awareness and promote a self-governance, non-legislative approach to addressing the prevention of suicide, theft, and accidental shootings. We will encourage educational and enrichment opportunities that approach stressors contributing to suicide risk (such as financial wellness, conflict resolution, or re-acclimation after deployment) in a way that is matter-of-fact, helpful, and in the stigma-free environment of partnering gun shops. Isolation and lack of connectedness, which are risk factors for suicide, are holistically addressed as gun shop customers volunteer shoulder-to-shoulder through community service opportunities available through HMG partnering gun shops. It is inevitable that those taking the time to serve others will in turn feel a sense of pride and camaraderie knowing that they are working together to make a difference in their neighborhood.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: We have known the key players of HMG from our industry connections over the years. American Trailhead is an Official HMG FFL Storage Partner. We believe so much in this charity that we were the first HMG FFL Storage Partner in Georgia and facilitated the legal work being completed to bring them our state. We promote HMG at every event and opportunity we have to share its vision. We are aggressively working to drive Public Awareness, and share the mission of HMG out to the public and with people in need as well as driving Front-line Professional Engagement with public and private organizations working in mental health, suicide prevention and 1st Responder spaces. We are also actively supporting HMG key enablers of this great non-profit: identifying and engaging potential new Sponsors, Donors, HMG FFL Storage Partners and Volunteer Opportunities.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with HMG:
    • Firearms Storage – Off-site storage helps in times of need, prevent suicide, accidental shootings, theft of firearms, and stolen firearms used in crimes.Community Outreach – Sponsoring educational and volunteer opportunities through our HMG FFL Storage Partners.
    • Crisis Awareness Training – Provide training in suicide prevention for gun owners and firearms professionals.
    • Mental Health Advocacy – Cultivating a holistic approach to mental wellness including connection within the firearms community, athletic challenges, and mental health resources.
  • SWF Mission: SWF is a not-for-profit volunteer organization founded, developed and operated by a Retired Army Officer and a dedicated group of concerned and experienced Patriots in a voluntary manner who have identified a shameful and serious situation that needs to be addressed, attacked and defeated. Their goals center around Education, Awareness and Support.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead are both personal and professional longtime friends of this fantastic 501(c)3 nonprofit team.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with SWF:
    • We have done joint events such as the 2022 United Military Care “We Care Veteran Resource Fair”. Dutch Summey has put boots on ground in finding and engaging Veterans in need on the streets of Atlanta.
  • American Legion Mission: The Horace Orr Post 29 Family is one of the largest, most active Legion posts in Georgia. We host units of the American Legion, Sons of The American Legion, American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, and American Legion Riders. We are veterans serving veterans. In addition to numerous worthwhile charities the Legion support, they directly provide food, shelter, clothing, training, benefits assistance, job assistance, or financial assistance to veterans.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead is enthusiastically engaged with the Legion and its Legion families (Sons of Legion, Women’s Auxiliary, Legion Riders). Gerry Summey is an active member of the Post 29 Sons of Legion (SAL). Terri Summey is a member of Post 29 Women’s Auxiliary. We are also connecting with other organizations that leverage Post 29 facilities (GA Vietnam Veterans Alliance Chapter 1, BSA Foothills District “Crew” 2992, etc.).
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with American Legion:
    • Benefit veterans and their families with Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and resources for getting into the great outdoors
    • Personal Safety & Education
    • Firearms Storage & Shooting Sports Opportunities
    • Resources in times of Personal Need or Crisis
    • Hold My Guns & QPR Gatekeeper
  • QPR Mission: QPR – Question. Persuade. Refer. 90-minute QPR Gatekeeper Basic Training – increase your awareness of the warning signs, clues and suicidal communications of people who may be considering suicide and learn how to intervene with at risk individuals. The fundamentals of QPR are easily learned, and like CPR, may save a life. 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead will be coordinating with Julie Smith to offer the QPR Institute Gatekeeper Training at various group events. American Trailhead is working with Julie Smith, President / GA Director of “The SAM Foundation” and certified QPR Gatekeeper Certified Instructor. The broader QPR program with various training and certifications was developed by The QPR Institute.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with The SAM Foundation and QPR:
    • Training events with tables to educate attendees about other resources in the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention space including Legion’s “Be the One” program, Hold My Guns 501(c)3 Firearms Storage, American Trailhead Personal & Firearm Safety, NSSF “Have a Brave Conversation”, NSSF “Child Safe”, and others.


  • CCSS Mission: Meet the growing needs of the 55 and older community, their families and their caregivers. Our goal is to be the Center of Service to connect you with resources, new friends and fun opportunities. They operate multiple senior centers across Cobb County.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead participates in their ongoing events and activities. We cross paths in support of the UMC “We Care Veteran Resource Fair”.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with
    Cobb County Senior Services Veteran Connections Program:

    • Supporting veterans and their families with Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and resources for getting into the great outdoors
    • Personal Safety & Education
    • Firearms Storage & Shooting Sports Opportunities
    • Resources in times of Personal Need or Crisis
    • Hold My Guns & QPR Gatekeeper
  • VetLanta Mission: Connecting Veterans with Community – Our goal is to inspire veterans to maintain their sense of community and connect each veteran with the resources they truly need! VETLANTA is a club operated exclusively for veteran social and business networking and community service purposes. Our purpose is to help veterans get connected to the resources and community they need. We network with Atlanta area businesses (including non-profits, education institutions, government agencies), to find those organizations with like-minded values who may have opportunities for veterans. To maximize our impact on current efforts, VETLANTA may become involved with local volunteer opportunities in order to facilitate camaraderie and give veterans a chance to network effectively.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead CEO Gerry Summey worked with VetLanta Founder Lloyd Knight at UPS Global Headquarters. Our shared passions for veterans brought us together.
  • American Trailhead’s Focus with VetLanta:
    • Supporting veterans and their families with Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and resources for getting into the great outdoors
    • Personal Safety & Education
    • Firearms Storage & Shooting Sports Opportunities
    • Resources in times of Personal Need or Crisis
    • Hold My Guns & QPR Gatekeeper
Project K9 Hero a
  • Project K9 Hero Mission: To protect those who protected our families, communities, and our America. OUR VISION – To ensure the best quality of life for our nation’s retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes by providing assistance with medical costs, food, rehabilitation, adoption, and end of duty services. OUR PURPOSE – To ensure each K-9 Hero is rewarded with health and the way of life that they deserve for their faithful and loyal service. To educate the public on the costs and responsibilities of adopting a retired K-9 Hero. To help cover or offset all medical, food, and end of duty costs for retired K-9 Heroes.
  • Irreverent Warrior Mission: We bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent suicide.
  • American Trailhead’s Connection: American Trailhead joined 1776 United Apparel in sponsoring Atlanta Silkie Hike. The primary focus included both the Irreverent Warriors Atlanta Silkie Hike to drive awareness of veteran suicide and fund-raising benefit for Project K9 Heroes non-profit.
  • Events: The November 2022 event was graciously hosted at Viking Alchemist Meadery in Smyrna, GA.
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