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concealed carry leggings

Perfect Concealed Carry Leggings for Relaxation and Recreation

Carry in Comfort

Who says you have to sacrifice comfort and style when you carry? Nowadays, we have plenty of options for concealed carry accessories, which is great. For women who want to carry protection, Concealment Express has the perfect solution. They have combined the comfort and convenience of leggings with the security and advantages of concealed carry accessories. Let’s take a look at these great concealed carry leggings by Concealment Express.

About Concealment Express’ Concealed Carry Leggings

concealed carry leggings


  • 2 options to carry your favorite conceal-carry tool: appendix and 5 o’clock
  • 2 side pockets for everyday carry items such as a phone


  • 7/8 length inseam (25″ short full-length)
  • Skinny leg
  • Wide, flat elastic waistband


  • Durable and breathable mix of 20% spandex and 80% polyester
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Anti-odor
  • 4-way stretch
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Multiple styles

Off-Body Vs. On-Bodyconcealed carry leggings

Women who carry have the option to do so off-body or on-body.

Off-body means to carry it in a bag or a purse. Carrying off-body gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want. However, this has its disadvantages as you would have to keep the bag on you at all times, never letting it hang from a chair or elsewhere off your being.

On-body means to carry protection on your body. This is usually done with a holster, but options like concealed carry leggings have expanded our options. With protection on your waist, the thing to keep in mind is “printing,” which is when the outline of the firearm is visible through the wardrobe. This can be fixed with looser-fitting tops, layers, and other alternatives. Other than that, carrying on-body keeps your firearm secure and accessible.

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