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Quality Optics – Why Is There Such a Difference in Price?

There are certain tools that are essential during an activity of camping or hunting, one of which are optics — scopes, range finders, binoculars, and so on. As certain aspects of camping and hunting are adventurous and off the trail, it is a necessity for quality optics that you can easily rely on during the activity. As we speak of quality optics you might have noticed the prices are so different for varying quality of the optics. Continue reading to understand more about why prices can vary so greatly.

Importance of Quality Optics

First, to understand why there is much of a price difference, we need to understand the importance of quality optics when it comes to camping/hunting. For that, we need to go over various aspects of what could state an optic is of good quality. So aspects are basically segregated into concepts that allow for nothing but precision in the visual aspect.

The Brightness

When you are picking up an optic whether it is a scope, binocular, monocular, etc. The picture quality you see through the optic should appear brighter than seeing through the naked eye. As camping/hunting is basically a tricky outdoor activity, brightness or the function of brightness adjustment is a necessity in these conditions.

The Clarity

The importance of clarity is essential in a quality optic. An optic tool with good clarity will allow the eyes to look into the subject of view in a much more detailed manner. To understand this, let’s take an example of a bad-quality optic tool – In hunting, a viewer with bad-quality equipment that has an unclear vision will result in misinterpretation of subjects and might turn out to be harmful to self. 

Weather Proof

As the camping/hunting activity demands to be one with nature, it is a must to have equipment that can tackle the rough side of it. The optic tool must withstand harsh natural elements like heat, water, wind, and earthy particles. A good quality optic will definitely have all these qualities in them. This eventually is relative to the price structure. Let’s say an optic with complete weatherproof will cost more than a piece of equipment with just waterproofing functionality.

The Ergonomics

The feel, the build quality, and most importantly the way the equipment feels in your hands are taken into consideration when choosing a good quality optical tool. The equipment should have ample adjustments functions for exact and precise vision ability. And these functionalities definitely come in handy during outdoor camping activities. It is a must to check the ergonomics of the tool before purchasing it.

Reason for Difference in Price

As it is mentioned above, different qualities in an optic show how well it is made. So the optics come in a variety of options and functionality that varies the price of the equipment. Companies that produce quality optics for camping/hunting or any other outdoor activities consider the above mentioned aspects while building the product. As the functionality differs in each piece of equipment the prices of the tool also differ. Hence the price of an optic is relative to the quality of the optic, resulting in much difference in price.


We hope the above information is helpful to understand the various aspects of quality optic equipment. Check out American Trailhead for quality optical equipment and other essential tools for outdoor activities at competitive prices. 

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