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Off-Season Projects for an Outdoor Enthusiast

Staying Busy in the Off Months

When the off-season hits, it’s hard to find a hobby that’s as satisfying as hunting. You might find yourself watching hunting videos online or resorting to looking through a pair of binoculars in your backyard for anything that moves. Well, below are a few of our recommendations on how to spend your time as we prepare for the next hunting season.

Maintaining Your Gearhow to prepare for hunting_

As you put your trusty equipment away for the off-season, take some time to properly clean and maintain it all before the season starts back up again. Take this opportunity to clean your hunting rifles. Spend a few moments looking over your tree stands and other equipment to make sure it’s in good working condition. Make any repairs if necessary. If you find that you may need to replace some gear or need to upgrade your equipment, check out the American Trailhead online shop.

Remember to store all your gear in a temperature-controlled, dry environment to ensure it’s all in good working order next time you use it. This is also a good time to make sure you’re in stock of all supplies: ammo, batteries, first aid supplies, hand warmers, and so on.

Scouting the Area

The off-season can be a chance for you to find a new property to discover new areas on your current property. You may want to look for tracks, find feeding spots, and more. You can learn a lot by setting up a trail cam in a strategic location. Of course, to be safe, communicate with the owners and other hunters to notify them when you’ll be out there.


Hunting can be peaceful—spending quiet time outside miles away from the city. By hiking, you can capture some of that serene feeling. Also, it’s a good way to stay in shape and see some wildlife along the way. You may want to invite your family and make an outing out of it. Whether you take a trip out to one of the country’s many stunning National Parks or find a local trail, try to find a time to get out and take in the outdoors.

Backyard Crossbowhow to prepare for hunting_

When there’s nothing else to do, why not take your crossbow out to the backyard? Have a solid target and ensure you’re keeping safety first when in a residential area. Keep the kids inside and consider letting your neighbors know beforehand if they have children. This works best in a fenced backyard. Be alert and have a good time while keeping up with your skills.

Gear Up for the Season

Shop with American Trailhead

The off-season is the perfect time to get the gear you need to prepare for hunting. American Trailhead is a team of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who live and breathe this lifestyle. Whenever you shop with American Trailhead, you are getting products made by people who share the character and values that our good-natured team stands for.

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