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February 2022

Understanding Outdoor Safety

As the weather starts to warm up, a lot of families, friends, couples, and individuals may be getting out and about to appreciate a beautiful day outside. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do something as simple as throwing a frisbee or something as worthwhile as camping under an open sky. Whatever your activity of choice may be, outdoor safety still needs to be a priority. As one of the most trusted online outdoor gear stores, the American Trailhead team shares the keys to outdoor safety you should prioritize.

Staying Prepared and Having Fun

Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or enjoying a day outside, you’ll want to pack a backpack with some supplies to make the most of your day. Below are our recommendations of what adventurers should store in their outdoor backpacks.

The Steps and Gear for Hunting

New seasons in life may lead you to discover the joys of hunting season. Hunting is an experience and lifestyle unlike any other. It’s crucial to have the right gear for hunting in order for the best results and to keep everyone safe in the process. If you’re just getting started, below is a brief guide of the steps and gear you’ll need to get before heading out to the range.

Gearing Up for a Getaway

Springtime and summertime will be here before we know it, so now is the time for families, couples, and friends to start planning their hiking trips. Whether for a day trip or a long escape from everyday life, travelers need to buy and pack some hiking gear no matter where they wander. Let’s take a look at a quick guide of what to pack.

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